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75 Wellness Products To Help You Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Pfizer defines wellness as “the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving.”

For me, when it comes to living a life of health and wellness and practicing self-care, there are four pillars I consider. Being a busy entrepreneur and mom, I often begin to feel a sense of disconnect or chaos, and it’s hard to identify why. When this happens, I do a little self-assessment and take into account my habits, actions, and current engagement in these four areas:

All 4 of these factors have been cited as profoundly impacting our overall health and longevity, plus they cover both mental and physical health. Because I’m in the health and wellness field, I find all this fascinating, so over the past year, I’ve done some extensive research and have tried many wellness products.

The main purpose of this blog is for me to share my experience and inspire all of you to live a healthy life. That is why in this article, I am going to highlight some of the best wellness products that fit into each of these four pillars above in hopes I will make it easier on you to engage in some healthy habits that could be a lifesaver.

What Are The Best Wellness Products?

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Wellness Products to Help With Sleep

Restful sleep has been found to impact your overall health just as much as nutrition does because it contributes to nearly all of the biological functions in the body. If you are working out – you need sleep for recovery and muscle growth. Our brains need sleep to reset for the next day.

The consequences of sleep deprivation run deep and include but are not limited to cardiovascular disease, hormonal disruptions, obesity, immunodeficiency, lack of energy, slow thinking, and more. Treat yourself and check out these products below to help you sleep – it could be a game-changer!

1. Masterclass: The Science of Better Sleep

Masterclass on sleep

Masterclass is great! There are many offerings of courses that are educational, and this one on sleep is perfect to learn how to optimize your sleep to increase health benefits.

2. Cooling/Heating Mattress or Topper by Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep mattress pad

Eight Sleep offers an amazing mattress or mattress pad topper that keeps your body at the best sleeping temperature during the night by reading what stage of sleep you are in by your movement and heart rate. One of the main sleep interrupters is body temperature. With a body temperature that is optimal you are sure to get enough rest. 

3. Carbon Air Pillow by Eight Sleep

carbon air pillow

Eight Sleep also offers this Carbon Air Pillow made of supportive foam that also has infusions of graphite in it for cooling. The pillow is also perforated, which lends to adequate airflow and breathability, allowing for a restful sleep.

4. Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket

Using a Weighted blanket puts into play deep pressure stimulation. This reaction has been known to increase serotonin and melatonin, which helps you fall asleep faster. Who wouldn’t want this blanket??

5. Homedics Sleep Sound & Wake Machine

Sleep machine

Sleep sound machines are a great way to block out unwanted noise, play soothing music or nature sounds and promote more restful sleep. Some machines also come with wake lights and alarms that play natural music and are much less startling to wake up to than a traditional alarm. This one is great for white noise and green noise.

6. Blue Blockers 

blue blockers

Blue blockers block out the stimulating blue light that messes with your circadian rhythm. So if you are breaking that rule of no electronics before bed, blue blockers may help combat the effects of light stimulation. Warby Parker has a great selection and tons of customizable options.

7. Smart Thermostat by Ecobee


Live the life of luxury by having the ability to control the temperature of your house remotely. Away for the day? Set up your sleep environment before you leave work so your room is the optimal temperature for sleeping when you arrive home. Shown is an option by the brand Ecobee.

8. Quality Sheets


The quality and comfort of your sheets can make all the difference when searching for a good night’s sleep. I find that sheets made of natural fibers such as bamboo are the best cooling sheets. Luxome has some great options for sheets and they are linked above.

9. Lavender Essential Oil

lavendar essential oil

Lavender has been associated with better sleep in multiple research studies. The smell of lavender has calming effects on heart rate, blood pressure and mood. I linked Doterra here because I believe that is a great brand that doesn’t dilute their essential oils.

10. Beam Night Time Powder

beam powder

Beam is the only night time supplement that I take. I don’t take it every night but on the nights where I feel extra stressed or for some reason just can’t fall asleep, I take Beam. It’s got an amazing flavor with just hot water but when mixed with almond milk is like a night time dessert. There is a small bit of melatonin in Beam in addition to CBD, and some other natural sleep aids.

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Nutrition Wellness Products

Proper nutrition is a lifesaver and at the top of the list when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Most people struggle with nutrition because they don’t understand how to eat or the importance of properly fueling their bodies. In addition, they need accountability to keep them on track, or they are unprepared, thus making it very easy to make poor choices.

Meal Prepping supports a healthy lifestyle and is one of the easiest ways to help you keep on track with your nutrition. With modern cooking devices and tools, gone are the days when you need to spend all day meal prepping for the week.

Not sure how to meal prep? – Check out this free Beginners Guide To Meal Prep Ebook. There are a ton of great tips in here to help you make meal prep easy.

The tools below will help with meal prep and will lend to the person who struggles with a busy schedule and makes poor choices from a lack of preparedness. Setting aside one day per week to prep some meals will make it easy during busy times to stay on track and make great choices!

Cooking Wellness Products for Nutrition

11. Traeger Grill & Smoker


A Traeger Grill & Smoker makes food taste great and is a very versatile way to cook your protein during meal prep. Slow cooking pork or chicken in addition to seafood is a great way to free up your indoor stove for prepping other items thus getting done with meal prep in 1/2 the time. The Traeger connects to wifi so you are able to start, turn off and modify your grill settings while away from home. The set and forget feature is my favorite!

12. Instapot – Ninja


With an Instapot, you can literally cook things in almost an instant ( ha ). I’ve put a whole pork roast in the pot and it is done in 30 minutes. Not only is it done – but it’s cooked to perfection. Definitely something you need to make meal prep quick! Linked is an instant pot air fryer combo. Although a bit more expensive than just an instapot, saving counter-space is always a plus.

13. Air Fryer – Ninja

ninja air fryer

I feel lucky to have an air fryer! They are quick and so versatile. From chicken breasts, to veggies to salmon – an air fryer saves time and makes your foods taste soooo good. This brand’s the bomb. My Ninja air fryer is quite a bit quieter than my girlfriend’s who’s fryer is not a Ninja.. I like the big one because my family eats a lot – but purchase whichever size you think will suit you best.

14. Crockpot – GreenPan


Crockpots are another great wellness product for setting and forgetting. Throw in some chicken breasts or a big pot of chili, set the temp to cook to low, and by the time you get home from work, your meal will be ready! GreenPan is a brand that produces non-toxic cookware. I love their whole lineup of products.

15. Oven – Kitchen Aid

kitchenaid freestanding range

There is nothing better than cooking on a nice stove top and oven. Great ovens have tons of features that allow you to set and forget such as cook start and stop time. This allows for cooking on the go to save time. The Kitchen Aid brand is great which is why I linked it here.

Meal Prep Products For Nutrition

16. Silicon Egg Cup Tray

egg cup tray

Who has tried egg cups from Starbucks? Well you can make them at home with this tray! Check out this recipe for inspiration! You will be prepped and ready to go first thing in the morning!

17. Knife Set – Ninja

knife set

The search is over. There is nothing worse than trying to cut up food with dull knives. If you want convenience and things to be easy – invest in a nice set of knives.

18. Mandoline


Slicing up some sweet potatoes to make sweet potato chips couldn’t be easier than with a mandolin. Impress your family with your chip making capabilities!

19. Cutting Board

cutting board

Save the granite and cut up your foods on a cutting board. Doing so also keeps the knives from becoming dull. I linked the one from Crate and Barrel because it of great quality.

20. Food Scale

OXO food scale

Food scales are an important product to help you meal prep. Weighing your portions is going to give you a more accurate assessment of how much you are eating and when following recipes it’s almost a necessity.

21. Freezer Proof Prep Container

meal prep container

Freezer proof prep containers are a necessity. Having a container to store your meals you can either put in the freezer or fridge in addition to microwaving is super important and is basically the whole premise behind meal prep!

22. Sheet Pans

sheet pan

Sheet pan meals are fast, easy and convenient. Check out some recipes here. I linked the Nordic brand that I use on a regular basis. They hold up the best I’ve found so far and they are non stick which is great for clean up.

23.Saute Pan


Using a nice non toxic skillet is perfect for frying up some eggs for meal prep or sautéing some teriyaki veggies. Green Pan is a great place to buy non toxic cookware. I linked their mid range sauté pan which comes in a very pretty teal color.

24. Measuring Cups & Spoons

It’s the little things. Making sure your seasonings and oils are measured will make for a better final product and macro friendly meal.

25. Mixing Bowls

I love stainless steel mixing bowls. They are so versatile. You can meal prep your favorite recipes with them or use them as a chip or appetizer bowl for parties. I even eat BIG salads in them!

26. Table Top Spiralizer

Zoodles! Everybody loves them. Spiraling veggies allows you to use them for things like spaghetti! It’s a great way to reduce the carbs you are consuming and trick your kids into eating veggies! They won’t even know that half their plate is filled with real pasta and the other half with veggies.

27. Food Chopper

Chopping & dicing veggies into small pieces is such a pain no matter how nice your knives are. This chopper from Kitchen Aid does the trick! In addition you can use a small food processor. When I first got this thing I was unsure how often I would use it. I use it all the time!

28. Hydroponic Garden

hydroponic garden

This hydroponic garden is one of my favorites listed in this blog. I LOVE growing things. Indoor growing is so convenient in the winter months. It saves you from having to buy that tiny expensive bag of half-rotten herbs & salad mix at the grocery store that ends up tasting like crap. Feel good knowing that you are eating something that is healthy and organic. This option by A Hope Garden is AWESOME! It’s so cool to get the kids involved in growing a garden.

29. Protein Subscription Box – Butcher Box

butcher block meat delivery

Save time grocery shopping by signing up for a protein box subscription delivered directly to your door. There are many options to order organic, sustainably sourced meat and seafood sourced from humanely raised animals and wild-caught fish. I love Butcher Box. It arrives on time every month. If for some reason, you are traveling, you can delay your shipment or even order quicker than scheduled if necessary. The food is always frozen upon arrival and tastes amazing when it’s cooked.

Fitness Wellness Products

fitness section divider

Why workout? Well, lifting weights is the only way to change the shape of your body, increase muscle mass which helps support your spine, increase bone density plus joint stability, raise your metabolic rate and improve your mood. Cardiovascular exercise helps increase the strength of your heart, boosts your mood, clears out your arteries, and helps manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and blood sugar issues.

Check out some of the products below that can help you get your fit on if you aren’t going to a gym on a regular basis. There are many sellers in this industry, but I picked the best.

High End Fitness Products

30. Mirror.co

mirror co

Mirror.co is a virtual coach superimposed on a mirror that leans or is attached to your wall. When one of the 10,000+ on demand fitness classes isn’t playing, the mirror looks just like a mirror hanging on your wall. This may be one of the most techy products in this list.

31. Go Arena


If you are interested in keeping it simple, Go Arena is a brand offering a complete gym solution that is the size of a suitcase. Everything you need to control Arena is done through it’s app. Most importantly changing the resistance of the cable and finding out what your workout of the day is.

32. Treadmill – Assault Runner

assault runner

Any treadmill will do – but remember that they are not all created equal and it’s one of the best in the industry. You definitely get what you pay for with this machine. There is no better way than the Assault Fitness runner. It’s motionless and replicates a true running gate. You can’t zone out on the Assault Runner like you can a regular motorized treadmill which makes it so you are totally focused on your goal.

33. Wind Bike – Assault Fitness

assault bike

Don’t let the smooth ride fool you. Reduce your cardiovascular risks by riding this bike. It’s a fantastic leg and cardio workout. It’s great for short sprints in addition to the longer endurance ride.

34. Concept 2 Rower

Though you won’t have the wind in your hair like you would if you were rowing in the water, this machine supports quite the off water experience. I have to mention that many people think rowing is just pulling with your arms, but if you row correctly, you will soon realize that rowing is much more a leg workout than an arm workout. Checkout everything you need to know about the Concept 2 Rower here.

35. Concept 2 Ski Erg

assault ski erg

The Concept 2 Ski Erg replicates a traditional skiing workout but you don’t have to freeze your tail off in the process. Enjoy the experience of cross country skiing in the comfort of your own home.

36. Garage Gym Rack

garage squat rack Rogue Fitness

This is a great garage rack from the Rogue Fitness. You need some garage space but for those of us that have a little room – this squat rack makes it very convenient to focus on our wellness. Contrary to some beliefs, women will not get “bulky” lifting weights. In fact – it’s very important for women to lift heavy weight and there is no better way to increase bone density as we age. Osteoporosis is prominent with age and so is sarcopenia which is the loss of muscle mass. Muscles support our structure and the more you have the better. Now let’s squat!

37. Functional Fitness Package – Rogue Fitness

bar, kettlebell rings Rogue

Treat yourself with this functional fitness package! Purchasing this well rounded package eliminates the necessity to buy everything separately and you end up with all you need to get started with fitness. You can squat, deadlift, do power cleans, shoulder press, battle soaps, wall balls, work on your abs and your gymnastics with this package.

38. Rubber Flooring

rubber floor mats for fitness

A rubber mat or two is a huge plus if you are squatting or working out in your garage or basement. Not only does it keep it a bit warmer but it allows you to do situps, pushups, planks and other floor movements without being on the cement. In addition it reduces shock when doing any time of barbell or jumping motion.

General Fitness Wellness Products

39. Strain or Step Tracker


Pictured here is the Garmin, however there are many credible wearables like the WHOOP band, Oura Ring, the FitBit and even the Apple Watch that track different health markers. Depending on what you are looking for in regards to bells and whistles – each of these devices will track your steps, heart rate and sleep.

40. Ankle Weights

ankle weights

Who doesn’t love ankle weights. These things can be strapped to your ankles to provide a little bit more resistance when walking, running, doing lunges or doing any type of exercise.

41. Kettlebells


Adding Kettlebells to your home gym can be a great addition. They are simple to carry around if you decide to work out in a park or somewhere other than your home. In addition, they are easily stored in a garage or basement. There are MANY online tutorials on how to do kettlebell work if you are unsure where to start.

42. Dumbbells

dumbbells rogue fitness

Dumbbells may be one of the most versatile fitness products out there. So many things can be done with dumbbells that it would be crazy not to consider adding them to your fitness routine. Curls, squats, cleans, presses, lunges… the list goes on.

43. Jump Rope

jump rope rogue fitness

A jump rope can be taken anywhere! The first fitness product I suggest clients buy when joining the gym is a jump rope. It can be taken on travel and you can work out with it anywhere. Ever tried the double under jump rope move? You should! It’s great to keep your brain learning new things and also an excellent exercise.

44. Weighted Vest – Hypervest

I love my weighted vest! I put it on every time I go on a walk. The great thing about these is that you can add or take away weight depending on your fitness level. Not quite up for a run but want a little more than a walk… put on the weighted vest. Passerbys think you such a badass when they see you wearing one. I really like the Hypervest because it conforms so well to the body and doesn’t chaffe or rub.

45. Sandbag

sandbag rogue fitness

Sandbags require your muscles to work a little bit differently than regular weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells because there is a consistent shift in mass during the workout. Because these products are so versatile, you can literally have several at a home gym and complete many various movements with them. They come without the sand, so you simply head to Home Depot or Lowes and pick up a couple of bags of sand to fill them with

46. Weight Bench

weight bench rogue fitness

This Rogue weight bench is one of the best ones on the market. Mine is in great condition and it’s well over 6 years old. Although not 100% necessary as part of a home gym it’s very convenient and makes it so you don’t have to use chairs, boxes or the ground when doing certain movements.

47. Foam Ply Box

plyo box rogue fitness

Box jumps and steps up are a great exercise. What isn’t so great is banging your shins on a wooden box. The foam ply boxes eliminate that risk and still allow you to get the benefits of box jumps and step ups.

48. Slam Ball

slam ball rogue fitness

Many people don’t know this but slam balls when thrown from overhead to the ground are a great ab exercise. When looking for fitness wellness products that are great for the home or garage use – a slam ball is another very versatile option.

49. Abmat for situps

abmat rogue fitness

Abmats when used properly, allow for a full extension of the spine when performing the setup which is not possible when lying on the floor. In addition the abmat stabilizes the pelvis when you rise up allowing for a better muscle contraction.

Stress Management Products

stress management divider

50. Full Focus Planner

Full focus planner

Stress Management is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Just a few of the affects stress can have on your body are chest pains, anxiety, mood disorder, sleep problems, change in sex drive, and fatigue. Check out some of the wellness products below and avoid the health risks associated with stress.

51. Soundtracks; A Book About Overthinking

soundtracks audio book

If you are like me, I”m the queen of overthinking. I over think my shower, the clothes I’m going to wear, what people think of me, how I’m dressed, every decision I make at my business, am I planning the right apparel order, are people going to like the music. If it’s a thought, I’m overthinking it.

52. Adult Coloring Books

adult coloring book

Doodling can post your mood. I love to doodle when I’m listening to a podcast or webinar. It allows me to do something with my hands If I’m not taking notes but isn’t so distracting that I can’t focus on what I’m listening to.

53. Magnet Balls

magnet balls

Move them around in your hands for an odd sense of stress relief or build something with them which brings out your inner creativity. Magnet balls are flat out amazing! I use them all the time when I’m not typing notes during my mentoring calls.

54. Foam Roller

foam roller

Foam rollers work well to relieve tension and they come in many shapes and sizes. Oftentimes I will lay down on the ground and roll the foam roller under my next which relieves tension from sitting all day. Even if you just had a hard workout the day before and your muscles are sore – foam rollers are great to break up any tension you have and promote blood flow.

55. Olly Gummies

Olly Gummies

Stay calm and boost your mood with Olly gummies. They are full of GABA, L – theanine and Lemon Balm which are all known stress relief and soothing ingredients. This is another supplement I take and these little gummies are a tasty treat.

56. Masterclass: A Guide To Meditation

Masterclass Mindfullness Meditation

Masterclasses are a form of self care. Practice mindfulness & meditation. Even if you are not the “zen” type, knowing how to tap into your inner calm and reducing the noise from your brain is certainly worth it in order to reduce some stress in your life.

57. Home Neck or Back Massager

Neck Back Massager

Practice some self care without the cost of a massage therapist. This home chair massager does the trick when it comes to loosening up some tension from the day. There are many different brands and options available and most run on a remote control so you can easily change vibrations, heat and movement patterns of the massager.

58. Home Foot Massager

Foot Massager

If you are like me I don’t like anyone touching my feet! A home foot massager is the way to go if you are one that is on your feet all day. Not only can this elevate foot pain and soreness but it promotes relaxation throughout the body and may not be quite as expensive as the full chair massager listed above.

59. Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna

A doctor recently told me that it would be a great idea for me to sit in an infrared sauna and also an ice bath. I started doing some research and found that the infrared sauna supports relieving stress, detoxification, keeping a circadian rhythm, more clear and tighter skin, relief from joint and muscle pain, and so much more.

60. Cold Plunge Pools

massage gun

Massage guns are great tools to use in the recovery process from workouts or sore muscles. They help stimulate blood flow and relieve muscle soreness. Don’t message over broken bones or injured muscles. Massaging around these areas to promote more blood flow is where it’s at.

62. Compex Machine


Compex is a machine that distributes electric muscle stimulation to your body. It’s used by many athletes, and the benefits include increased muscle strength and density, larger muscle size, improved V02max, increased explosive strength, and increased muscle repair when injured. This machine is not meant to replace your regular workouts by any means but can be used as a product to warm up muscles before a workout which is very important, speed up recovery when your muscles are stressed or injured in addition to being used to increase size and power.

63. Yoga App

yoga app

Roll out that mat for your in home yoga session! Yoga benefits run deep with one of the main perks being stress relief. In addition yoga improves your strength, balance and flexibility all while reaching your inner zen. Alo Moves is a great app to get started with yoga and find your balance!

64. Calm App

calm app

The Calm app is top notch when it comes to a stress relief app. This app has been known for helping to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and improve focus. What are you waiting for?

65. Ternary Fountain


Create a soothing and relaxing oasis without having to find the beach or creek. This table top fountain is perfect for that tranquil water sound.

66. MoonPod


Although movement is important, it’s also important to have a place to sit and rest for a few after a busy stressful day. I LOVE bean bags because they are comfortable and make me feel like a kid again. The MoonPod is so versatile and is an overall high quality beanbag chair. Its cover is washable so when your kids jump on it and spill their food everywhere you can throw the cover in the washer and it’s all good.

Is your stress career related and you often find yourself dreaming of a different job or career path? If so – Try this questionnaire to help you determine if you are ready to make a change!

Is it time to quit? Use this tool to help you decide. https://www.thejobnetwork.com/5-clues-that-its-time-to-quit/

If you determine that a career change is in your future – maybe you are looking to work from home or are thinking of starting a small business of your own. Check out this article providing many different small business ideas.

Already an entrepreneur like myself but sometimes you just can’t seem to get it together? Here are some of the wellness products and tools I use on a daily basis that help me keep up with my schedule, easily post and manage my social media and manage my team.

67. Canva


Canva, in my opinion is the best product to help with stress free design all the way from presentations, logos, infographics, menus, flyers, you name it – Canva can help you design it. My life would be 10x more stressful without it. The software is easy to use, easy to learn and never disappoints. I pay for the pro version and it is 100% worth the money, I’m a customer for life.

68. Acuity Scheduling


I use Acuity Scheduling for my business. It allows our potential clients to schedule free intro appointments and our current clients schedule nutrition consults, member checkins and personal training sessions. One of the coolest features is that Acuity texts and emails the client to remind them of their appointment date and time. For us Acuity works better than most other scheduling platforms we have tried and it takes the stress out of worrying about remembering to message the person to remind them their appointment.

69. Slack Communication App


Slack is a great tool I use to communicate with my team. I use the free version and that has enough functionality for what we need. Communication is so important, with that said I like to respect my employees time so I don’t want to text them every time I need something.

70. Zoom Meeting Space


I use Zoom for both my gym and my HSN Mentoring Nutrition Business Consulting when I meet with gym owners and nutrition coaches around the work. Our coaches will see clients via zoom in the situation they are busy at work and cannot make it in for their nutrition consult. In addition we do corporate wellness free intros with our zoom subscription. Zoom is also great for recording presentations to later share with your audience and can be streamed live to your Facebook page if you are doing a virtual seminar or talk that you want to broadcast to a larger audience.

71. WPX Web Hosting

WPX webhosting

Everyone should have a website! WPX is the web hosting platform I use to support this blog and I absolutely love how streamlined and easy it was to get started. Their customer live support is OVER THE TOP. It alone is worth going with WPX if you are looking to start a website. It made this whole process much easier to manage and reduced my stress knowing I can message WPX anytime if I am having issues. Check out a full review of WPX Web Hosting in addition to any other platform you may be considering.

72. Quickbooks


I use Quickbooks to manage 2 businesses. Without it I would be completely lost. My gym business I use it for all payments processed in addition to doing payroll for my employees. Payroll is straight forward and simple as Quickbooks keeps track of all my taxes and their due dates. Notifications are sent when taxes are due and confirmations are sent when they are paid. This includes payroll tax and also sales and use tax if that applies to your business.

73. Later


Later is a social media scheduling platform. In my opinion it’s much more user friendly than the scheduler you can use for free in Facebook Business Suite. With Later I am able to schedule media to be auto published just like with Facebook however there are more options related to tagging people, hashtags and first comments. It’s a great platform and the tiered pricing options you can choose from when deciding the volume your business will need when posting make it extremely affordable. Sitting at your kids baseball game and realizing you missed your post for the day is annoying. Setting time aside each month to auto schedule your posts is the way to go and Later makes that very easy.

74. Active Campaign

active campaign

You need to grow that email list ya’ll! Email lists are great for marketing efforts and keeping people informed of your product and business. Lead capture tools such as ebooks and other free giveaways attract clients to download your free help. In turn you get their contact information for future marketing efforts. Read this review on Active Campaign to find out more about its options.

75. Google

google  logo

Google everything! Google makes my world go round. My team uses google for documents, spreadsheets, surveys, forms and storing images of our gym members for marketing. I would be lost without it! It relieves so much stress knowing I can write a document, share it with one of my employees and they can comment back using the features in Google Docs. For my gym business I have a physical location.

Google makes it very easy to set up a Google Business Page which is a platform to showcase your business. The more active you are on your Google Business Page the more your physical location will show up on search engine result pages when people are looking for a business like yours.

What are Wellness Products?

Wellness Products are products that have the intended use of encouraging or helping maintain the acts of living a healthy lifestyle.

Even simpler, wellness products help you live a longer healthier life. They help you sleep better, they help you prepare and eat a healthier diet, they help you exercise and they help you reduce your levels of stress. Anything acting to promote betterment in these areas could be considered wellness products.


Are you ready to start living a healthy lifestyle and begin implementing the use of some of these trending wellness products? There is no better time to start than now. My recommendation would be to pick the area that you need help most with and start there. Trying to implement too many healthy habits at once will become overwhelming and you will fail.

Start with one of the four pillars; sleep, nutrition, fitness or stress. Pick one product to purchase or use that you are not currently implementing into your lifestyle and start. You can purchase most of these wellness products online.

For example, if you are not exercising but you want to, add exercise to your calendar 3 days per week. In the calendar notice put the type of exercise you are planning to do that day.

Make sure to start this journey doing an assessment of the products you have at home to help you exercise. Walking & lifting weights is a great place to start. If you don’t want to walk outside – buy the treadmill if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it – suck it up and walk outside. If you don’t have any weights, start by purchasing the dumbbells listed above and sign up for Street Parking which is an at home workout program.

Be consistent with your new habit for 2 weeks and then layer in another one. DM me and let me know how you are doing with your new lifestyle plan!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Part of my job is to refer products that will people live a healthier life. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases when referring people to these links.


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I am a business owner; Live Active 563, mom and a blogger on a mission to help the females in the world become confident, live a healthy lifestyle, accomplish great things and feel hot! You can read more on my About Me Page.

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