A Guide To The Best Cold Plunge Pools On The Market (2023) High End to Budget Models

Looking to take the plunge? (pun intended) Well, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will compare the best cold plunge tubs on the market. We’ll be checking out features, cons, and pricing. So whether you’re looking for something small, and portable, or a large high-end tub, we have you covered!

Cold water plunges are a great way to recover, reduce stress, and help you live a life of health and wellness.

So without further ado, let’s jump in!

What Are The Best Cold Plunge Pools?

Here is my list of the best cold plunge listed, from high-end models to standard models.

Renu Therapy Cold plunge

1) Renu Therapy – High End Model Cold Plunge


The RENU brand prides itself on being the “always cold and always clean cold water immersion system.” This cold plunge tank has many customizable options, unlike its competitors.

Top Features

  • Can be placed indoors or outdoors
  • No plumbing required
  • Has a programmable thermostat that keeps the water temperature between 39-55 degrees
  • Has a 4 part purification system using oxygen, a surface dirt and oil remover, a spa sanitizer stick to destroy bacteria and algae
  • Uses a standard 110v outlet
  • Comes with a matching step stool
  • Includes an insulated cover and a 5 year limited warranty
  • Made to fit just about anybody up to 6’5″ and 250 pounds
  • Interior Dimensions 36″ x 24″ x 30″

The RENU Therapy comes in two different models; The Cold Stoic (standard size) and The Siberian (Large Size) which is ideal for users with a body over 6’5″ and 250 pounds.

What People Are Saying

We couldn’t find any cons with this cold therapy product. All product reviews are stellar and the company provides exceptional customer service. Shipping is free in the USA and the product comes with a 45 day money back guarantee. With that said, there is a 5% restocking fee associated with the return in addition to the customer being charged for shipping both ways.

If you are prepared to pay for a luxury model icy water cold plunge then the price is not a con.

The Cold Plunge

2) The Cold Plunge – Mid Range Model

The Cold Plunge is invigorating, a great way to start your day plus improve your overall mental and physical health.

This cold plunge pool is designed to be easy to use, reliable, and affordable. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of a cold plunge, and this product is plug and play. Set up takes the amount of time waiting for your plunge to fill up with water. From there, place your cold plunge pool on a sturdy surface and plug it into a GFCI 110 outlet.

Top Features

  • Plug, Fill, Set Temp & Plunge, it’s that easy
  • Built in cooling, filtration & sanitation
  • Circular filtration is used, Ozone Sanitation, and has a 20 micron filter
  • Water stays fresh for 6+ months
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Fill your tub with a standard garden hose
  • The Plunge gets down to 39 degrees – no more bags of ice!
  • Big enough for a human a least 6’7″ and you can purchase the XL option if you are thick and tall
  • Comes with an insulated cover that can be locked
  • Keeps your water cold for apx $1 per day or less

Different Between The Plunge Models

There are a few different cold plunge tanks you can choose from with The Cold Plunge brand.

All the cold baths include the amazing features above plus some other options. The Hot & Cold Plunge transforms your cold plunge pool into a hot tub that heats to 103 degrees.

If you expect usage as high as 5 plunges per hour, then the company suggests you upgrade to The Pro Options which have 3x the cooling power and come in the Hot & Cold Plunge Pro Option in addition to The Plunge Pro option which only cools.

Lastly the company offers an XL cold plunge pool with dimensions of 73×27 for both the Hot & Cold and basic Plunge options.


Because The Plunge weighs 150 pounds when empty and 1000 pounds when full it is not convenient to move the tub alone. Others have been disappointed that the tub only comes in white and that it’s a bit on the pricey side. Overall – very minor complaints about this brand.


  • The Plunge – $4990
  • Hot and Cold Plunge – $5490
  • Pro Options – $5990
  • Pro Hot & Cold – $6490
  • XL Plunge – $6990
  • XL Hot & Cold – $7490

If you are looking for an upper midrange cold plunge pool then The Plunge could be a great option for you. Although it doesn’t have the customizable options like the high end cold plunging options, it does have everything you need and it also has an option to heat the water unlike the other cold water therapy plunges.

Tru Grit Inflatable Ice Bath
Tru Grit

3) Tru Grit – Mid Range Model – Inflatable Ice Bath


The Tru Grit is a portable inflatable ice bath that literally rolls into a portable backpack. You can take it anywhere and it inflates in about 2-5 minutes using the Tru Grit dual action pump. It costs way less than most midrange models and is inflatable however its so much nicer than the budget models.

Top Features

  • Patented Inflatable Ice Bath Tub 
  • Easy to fill and drain with designated fill and drain ports
  • Compatible with most garden hoses
  • Size – 60″L x 30″W X 37″H
  • Includes- Tub, Double Action Pump, Mat, Back Pack, and repair kit
  • Compatible with the Tru Grit Fitness Ice & Heat Pump
  • Easy to travel or transport
  • Tub will be compatible with Tru Grit Hot/Cold Pump upgrade (coming soon)
  • Weight- The complete kit only weighs 38 lbs


Some people would prefer a cold bath that isn’t inflatable and stays put all the time that they don’t have to inflate.


Total price for this tub is only $999

Ice Barrel

4) Ice Barrel – Mid Range Model Cold Plunge


Ice Barrel is a cold water therapy portable cold plunge tub. It’s made of durable polyethylene and is used outdoors. It holds up to 105 gallons of water and has a built-in drain plug for easy draining.

Top Features

  • Made from high-quality recycled materials composed primarily of low linear density polyethylene, a lightweight and durable non-toxic plastic.
  • Holds up to 105 gallons of water
  • Built-in drain plug for easy draining
  • Portable cold plunge tub
  • Comes with a lid, UV protective cover, a stand and a step stool to get into the tub
  • Made in the USA in Ohio w/recycled materials
  • Only weights 55 pounds when empty & 750 when full
  • 42” high by 31” wide opening 25” wide


Some reviewers have said that the Ice Barrel is too small. If you are a large person or looking for a cold plunge tub where you can lie down then you will want to explore some other options. Despite this fact the frigid water still provides cold therapy.


The Ice Barrel cold plunge tub costs $1199.97 on their webite. Shipping is FREE if you order the maintenance kit to help you take care of your new cold plunge pool. This kit also comes with a shatterproof thermometer to read your water temperature.

Amazon also has the Ice Barrel available and you can check the prices by using the link below.

Ready to get that body chilly?

Polar Monkey Cold Plunge pool

5) Polar Monkey – Mid Range Model Cold Plunge

The Polar Monkeys brand of cold plunge tanks offers a few different options and is considered a mid range model tub. A cool feature is that this cold plunges temperature can be controlled by an app on your phone which is an option that provides a lot of convenience. All of their models can carry a temperature between 36 – 70 degrees.

Top Features

The Portal LE is the most basic option and it comes in a 4ft and 6ft length.

  • 6 foot tank has a 170 gallon capacity, 4 foot tank has a 120 gallon capacity
  • Weight without water is 120 pounds, with water is 1000 pounds
  • Included in the box are: the steel tank, water chiller, pump, filter, hoses and fittings

The BrainPod is the next level option and a little bit fancier looking. The tub dimensions are 67″ Long x 31 1/2″ Wide x 22 4/5″ deep.

  • Weight without water is 140 lbs
  • Weight with water is 600 lbs
  • Installation is easy and can be done without any special tools in less than 15 minutes
  • Included in the box are: the steel tank, water chiller, pump, filter, hoses and fittings
  • Simple drain system

The Star Treatment is this brands upper end model and comes in an enclosed wooden case in which you can choose the color. The cold water tub is 2ft x 2ft x 7ft and looks sleek compared to its metal siblings.

  • The weight of this tub empty is 350 pounds and full over 1000 pounds
  • Included in the box is the water chiller, a pump, a filter, hoses and fittings
  • Installation is easy and basically includes hooking up some hoses and plugging in the model to the wall.
  • Simple drain system


Some cons of this product are that it does not include the insulated cover like other models do, you must purchase it separately. Although you can purchase an ozone generator separately to disinfect the water – the company suggests you empty the tank every two weeks rather than use chemicals or the ozone generator. This wastes a lot of water in my opinion. In addition there is only a 1 year warranty that is limited only to the water chiller.


  • The Portal LE – $2590
  • The Brain Pod – $3390
  • The Star Treatment – $7900

6) The Cold Pod – Portable Cold Plunge

The Cold Pod is a portable upright cold water tub. It is easy to set up, take down and has a drain to let the water out conveniently. It is extremely beneficial to those who don’t have a bathtub in their home and can be used indoor or outdoors. The inflatable tub top has sides that are stabilized by 6 rods, included with your purchase.

Top Features

  • Portable; use indoors or out
  • Drain that hooks to a standard hose
  • Easy to put up and tear down
  • Holds 320L
  • Standard Dimensions; ‎29.53 x 29.53 x 30 inches
  • Has an XL option: XL Dimensions 35.5″L x 35.5″W x 30″H
  • Pump and drain hose included

Pros & Cons

For those looking for a high end experience this is not it. The tub is inexpensive and remember you get what you pay for. With that said, it is one of the nicer portable cold plunge tubs on the market.

Some “bigger” users complimented how comfortable the tub is. In addition multiple users are extremely satisfied with their purchase. One downfall experienced by multiple users is that despite the cover, cold plunging in the hot summer months requires ice baths every time because the water does not stay cold enough without adding ice.

But, if you are looking for a budget friendly option, this could be it!

Bath Bob cold plunge tub

7) Bath Bob – Portable Ice Bath

The Bath Bob is portable and can be used inside and out. It is very easy to fold up or down and has a cushioned lid to keep the water temperature steady.

Top Features

  • This unit is portable
  • Can be used for cold or hot baths
  • The drain hose can be swapped out for a garden hose
  • Comes with a pillow and massage rollers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used indoors and out
  • Standard size is 54x24x20
  • XL size is 62×23.6×20.8

Pros & Cons

There are very many great reviews on this product. People comment about how sturdy it is, and how the cover helps keep the water temperature. It is easy to assemble and tear down.

Once con a few people have discussed is how hard it is to unpack. Additionally a few have complained that although it is wide on top, it narrows towards the bottom making it a little snug for bigger people.

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What Is a Cold Plunge Pool?

A cold plunge pool or tub is essentially a bathtub that allows users to immerse themselves in ice cold water with a temperature below 50 degrees fahrenheit. The higher end models allow for water temperature control from a thermostat and can hold the water for months at a time due to disinfecting devices installed in the tub.

How Long Should You Sit In A Cold Plunge Pool?

Research shows that sitting in the icy water for an average of 3-8 minutes is enough to get the effects of the cold water. Sitting in the frigid water too long can cause hypothermia. Experienced plungers are able to tolerate cooler water than beginners and can also remain submerged for longer periods of time.

What Are The Benefits Of A Cold Plunge?

Health benefits of the cold plunge are:

  • Cold therapy Improves blood flow & relieves stress
  • Provides immune system support
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Reduces muscle soreness from athletic performance
  • Reduces pain and controls swelling in many injuries

Is A Cold Shower The Same As Cold Water Therapy and Cold Water Immersion?

Cold water therapy can be considered any cold exposure above what you normally expose yourself too. The difference between a cold shower and cold water immersion is that the shower can only get so cold. With cold water immersion using cold plunge tanks, or a cold tub, one can get the water much colder.

Wrap Up

Are you ready to take the plunge into one of these cold tub ice baths? Initially cold plunges can be a shock, but you can get used to the process. It is said that cold plunge tubs work to provide health benefits such as muscle recovery, energy production, and a reduction in chronic pain.

There is nothing wrong with a daily plunge, and this could be one of the biggest wellness trends of 2023! I hope this guide helps you to make a decision on which cold plunge pool to buy.


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